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Download Air Mata di Ujung Sajadah (2023)

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Air Mata di Ujung Sajadah (2023)

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Nonton Film Air Mata di Ujung Sajadah Sub Indo

Aqilla gave birth to a baby from a marriage that was not approved by Halimah, her mother. After Aqilla’s husband dies in an accident, Halimah lies to Aqilla that her baby died at birth. Without Aqilla’s knowledge, Halimah gave her grandson to a couple who had been married for a long time but did not have children, namely Arif and Yumna. The baby was named Baskara, which means: light. Baskara’s presence at Arif and Yumna’s family’s house brings happiness to the whole house. Seven years later, Aqilla finds out that her son is still alive. She departed from her empty life and tried to get Baskara back.

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Genre: -slide, Drama
Duration: 105 Min
Language:Bahasa indonesia